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Baltic Organic Potato for the World Markets (BALTORGPOTATO)

Main objective:

to increase economic competitiveness of stakeholders involved in organic potato food production chain, thus promoting sustainability and competitiveness of Program area.

Aims & Activities:

1. To increase capacity of Baltic Organic Potato Network in order to provide support to organic potato growers, breeders, processors, necessary for development of organic potato food production chain, strengthening and consolidating companies involved, finding and obtaining new external markets and for increase of sales in the world markets. Will be achieved through:

  1. training of key staff of network,
  2. assessment of external markets,
  3. elaboration of joint strategy and action plan,
  4. elaboration of tools (training programs and methodology) to be used for capacity building of companies involved,
  5. acquisition of equipment, necessary for provision of assistance to companies and for carrying research.

2. To increase capacity of companies involved in organic potato food production chain in order to enable them to produce and process organic potato in quality and quantity satisfying demands of customers and increase sales in external markets.  Will be achieved through:

  1. provision of training,
  2. experience exchange activities within and outside Program’s area,
  3. testing of potato growers and assisting them in preparation for certification,
  4. supporting companies with improved and new potato varieties and technologies,
  5. negotiations to Estonian public authorities, in order to ensure EU subsidies for companies growing organic potato.

3. To promote and ensure visibility and recognition of organic potato food products, their producers, and region in EU and in the world. Will be achieved through:

  1. elaboration of website, updating of information,
  2. provision of information about organic potato food products and stakeholders in websites of partners,
  3. participation in international business and research fairs,
  4. elaboration and dissemination of marketing materials,
  5. publications in international business magazines,
  6. broadcasts on radio and TV.

4. To consolidate regional stakeholders involved directly or indirectly in organic potato food production chain and in network, thus creating preconditions for new joint research initiatives and development of new organic potato products and technologies, demanded at the world. Will be achieved through:

  1. involving in network new participants, representing business and research environment and having competencies in organic food and potato production, processing and research,
  2. strengthening collaboration of stakeholders, especially companies and research institutions,
  3. consultations with companies in elaboration of joint strategy and action plan,
  4. providing and exchanging of information about knowledge and experiences of stakeholders involved,
  5. dissemination of  “collaboration success stories”, thus raising awareness and wish of potential stakeholders to collaborate.  

Co-financed by:

Estonia - Latvia Programme


July 2011 – June 2013 (2 years) 

Baltic Organic Potato Network participants:

Potato Growers and Producers Association (Latvia)

Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture (Latvia)

Aloja Starkelsen, Ltd. (Latvia)

Estonian Biodynamic Association (Estonia)

State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute (Latvia)

Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute (Estonia)

Institute of Economics of Latvian Academy of Science (Latvia)