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Dalība izstādē "Natural Ingredients Europe"

"ALOJA-STARKELSEN" uzņēmums ir noslēdzis 22.04.2014. līgumu Nr. L-ĀTA-14-2070 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par projekta "Bioloģiskās kartupeļu cietes, sauso desertu un citu bez glutēna produktu prezentāciju starptautiskajā privāto preču zīmju izstādē "World of Private Label" un starptautiskajā dabīgo produktu izstādē "Natural Ingredients Europe" īstenošanu, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds.

Latvija var! Aloja Starkelsen

The story about "Aloja Starkelsen" Ltd. in broadcast "Latvija var!" in January, 2014. 

See it here:

Joint testing of Latvian, Estonian and foreign potato varieties (2013)

During the project "Baltorgpotato" field trials were carried out in Latvia at State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute and in Estonia in Jogeva Plant Breeding Institute. The aim of the research was to evaluate potato varities suitability for organic starch production. 

See full report below. 

Research on organic fertilizers, 2013

To explore the effect of usage of organic fertilizers to starch production and quality, there were field trials made during the project "Baltorgpotato".

See the results from field trials in LV: 

Project "Baltorgpotato" comes to an end, but the collaboration will continue

Project "Baltorgpotato" was selected as one of the "stops" in Estonia- Latvia Road Trip, an event intendet to showcase the exapmles of successful cooperation between the two countries and to celebrate the European Cooperation Day 2013. 

All participants were introduced with the main goals and results of the project "Baltorpotato", as well as they had a possibility to meet the "potato man" and see the process of potato starch production. 

Presentation of Baltorgpotato in international conference

Project "Baltorgpotato" was presented by project lead partner- "Aloja Starkelsen" Ltd. in the conference "Get smarter together in the Baltic Sea Region – taking innovation and smart specialisation across borders” in Malme, Sweden, June 2013. 

Strategy and action plan for organic starch production

During the project " Baltorgpotato", there was developed a strategy and action plan for organic starch production. The main goal of the strategy is to increase availability of row materials for organic starch production in Latvia and Estonia. 

If you need a full version of strategy and action plan, please contact us

Video on Field day in Lēdurga, 19.08.2013

Field day in Lēdurga, 19.08.2013. News broadcast in Vidzeme TV.

See it here: