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Baltic Organic Potato for the World Markets

BALTORGPOTATO project focuses on provision of fruitful cooperation among organic potato growers, breeders, processors and scientific institutions in Latvia and Estonia involved in organic potato food production chain, aiming to promote and ensure recognition of Baltic region organic potato products and sales volume growth in global markets.

Food industry is increasingly demanding organic products. Partners have identified large market niche, where companies in Baltic region would play a significant role, if existing resources will be mobilized and effectively used and weak points of organic potato food production chain eliminated.

Activities of the project carried in partnership promote exchange of know-how between partners, very significant for improvement of technologies and quality of organic potato products and promotion of their sales at EU and external markets. Project foresees the assessment of external markets and elaboration of joint strategy and action plan. Partners organize joint events for potato growers and breeders, work on development of new and improvement of existing organic potato varieties and technologies, support farmers to become certified organic farms. Project activities will promote and ensure recognition of organic potato food products, their producers, and region in EU and in the world.

Special attention is paid to consolidate regional stakeholders involved directly or indirectly in organic potato food production chain and in network, thus creating preconditions for new joint research initiatives and development of new organic potato products and technologies, demanded at the world.